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Death date: After 481 See factoid page


Addai was a saint. See factoid page


Addai was chorepisocpus in a monastery in a village called Fardaisa, at the approach to the Armenian frontier in the district called Anzetene. See factoid page


John of Ephesus commemorated Addai. See factoid page


Addai exercised his pastoral office by exhorting all to love the poor and repent from sin. See factoid page

Sometime after 451 Addai was deposed by those attempting to enforce the heresy of the Council of Chalcedon. He exhorted the brothers to remember the poor, and retreated to his exile in the mountains east of Anzetene. See factoid page

Five years after the Council of Chalcedon, when the monastery at Fardaisa was brought to indigence, the brothers approached Addai in his exile. To recover financially, they began planting vineyards throughout the mountains east of Anzetene. Merchants from Cappadocia, who would go as far Syria to buy wine. Selling wine allowed Addai to begin feeding the poor again. See factoid page

Though Addai remained reclusive, John and one of the brothers discovered where he would be. As the men approached, Addai fled. John returned to the monastery to rest. They met Addai the next day. Perceiving that Addai wanted his privacy, John stopped pestering him, but simply asked for a blessing and a prayer. See factoid page

Addai lived as a recluse in the mountains for twenty-five years before dying. See factoid page

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