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Name variant(s):

Abbi man of Abnegation and Nazarite See factoid page

Place of residence:

Abbi resided in the village of Ḥzyn in the district of Ṭyšf. See factoid page


Abbi was a saint. See factoid page


John of Ephesus commemorated Abbi. See factoid page

Abi and John of Ephesus were monks at the same monastery. See factoid page


After the Council of Chalcedon persecution forced the conversion of monastics as Abbi's monastery and drove him out of the monastery. See factoid page

Abbi became a monk in a community in the village of Ḥzyn. See factoid page

Abbi wept while reading Bible with covered head and limited light. See factoid page

Abbi lived nine years in the monastic community at the village of Ḥzyn. See factoid page

Abbi warns John of Ephesus about purity and chastity. See factoid page

Abbi kept silent all day. See factoid page

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