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Abraham of Kalesh in Amida See factoid page


Birth place: Abraham was born in Kalesh. See factoid page


Abraham was male. See factoid page


Abraham was a saint. See factoid page


Abraham was an archimandrite of Arʿa Rabtha See factoid page


Abraham and Maron were siblings. See factoid page

John of Ephesus commemorated Abraham. See factoid page


After laboring for ten years in the monastery, Abraham stood on a column to pray and fast. See factoid page

After mighty labors of abstinence, Abraham received gifts of the Spirit that enabled him to cure the sick and to drive out demons. See factoid page

Because Maro's ascetic practices were so extreme and sometimes dangerous, Abraham convinced him to return to the shelter of the monastery. See factoid page

Abraham and Maro gained a great deal of fame. See factoid page

Abraham died after thirty-eight years standing on the column. See factoid page

Maro took Abraham's place on the column so that his brother's place would not be empty. See factoid page

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