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Name variant(s):

Kashish See factoid page

Qashish, who also named himself John See factoid page


Birth place: Kashish was born in ʿAina da Frakha which is beyond Nirba d Škwš See factoid page


Death place: Kashish died on the island of Chios. See factoid page


Kashish was male. See factoid page

Place of residence:

Qashish resided in Monaster of John. See factoid page


Kashish was a saint. See factoid page


Qashish was a bishop. See factoid page

Kashish was bishop of Chios. See factoid page

Qashish was a monk. See factoid page


Kashish studied the reading of the Holy Scriptures at the Monastery of John Urtraya in the city of Amida. See factoid page


Leontius, Aaron and Qashish were monks at the same monastery. See factoid page

John of Ephesus commemorated Kashish. See factoid page

John of Ephesus and Qashish were fellow monastics. See factoid page

Kashish and John of Ephesus were fellow monastics. See factoid page


While wandering, Kashish changed the monastic habit for lay attire. He made baskets, fans, and hats. From his labor, he earned just enough money to support himself, and gave the rest to the poor. He ate wild herbs and fruit. See factoid page

After thirteen years of wandering, Kashish came to Chios. There he visited the shrine of the martyr Isidore and venerated his grave. See factoid page

After five years on Chios, Kashish was ordainedas bishop of Chios by Jacob Bardaeus and two other bishops (Conon and Eugene). See factoid page

After his ordination Kashish traveled around Chios with John of Ephesus converting pagans to Christianity. See factoid page

Leontius left his monastery in the same manner as his fellow monastic Qashish to travel alone to the eastern, southern, and western regions in the capacity of a wandering monk (aksnāyutā) for many years, while both let their hair grow long in a worldly fashion, lest they be honored as monks. See factoid page

After many years of wandering, Leontius and Qashish joined the company of John of Ephesus at the Monastery of Yoḥannan Urṭaya and lived there for about twenty years until his death. See factoid page

Kashish entered the Monastery of John Urtaya in Amida. See factoid page

Kashish left the Monastery of John Urtaya and travelled to Egypt, Thebais, Greece, Illyricum, Rome, and other countries. See factoid page

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