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Abraham, bishop of Amida See factoid page


Abraham was male. See factoid page


Abraham was a bishop. See factoid page


Abraham and Anonymous 3689 formed an alliance. See factoid page

Abraham and Anonymous 3689 had enmity for Sergius. See factoid page


Sergius received a blessing from Maro and then set out to visit the churh in Amida. Sergius walked into the church in Amida, carrying a cross, and planted his cross on the chancel steps before seizing the preacher, Bishop Abraham, by the neck and throwing him to the ground. Sergius mounted the steps and addressed the crowd: "Cursed are the renegades; cursed are the persecutors; cursed is the synod of Chaledon, and whosoever assents to it. Cursed is every soul that receives the oblation from you and assents to your opinion unless he repents." The crowd, a mixture of believers and synod supporters, responded with praise and anger. See factoid page

Abraham calmed the angry mob and sent them away by telling them that he would examine Sergius inside the church. Once inside, Abraham and Anonymi 3689 beat Sergius severely before shaving off his hair, which marked his ascetic profession, and putting him in irons in order to transport him to the monastery of 'Tryz. See factoid page

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