Srophé Application : Documentation

Keyboard Options

The Srophé Application provides optional keyboard options on search input boxes via integration with Additional Syriac customizations are provided by Beth Mardutho.

Keyboard options are set in the repo-config.xml file. To add additional language options include a new entry in the repo-config.xml file (the id attribute in the repo-config.xml file should match the layouts id in the matching resources/keyboards/layouts/ folder):

Example, adding an Arabic keyboard:

<option id="ms-Arabic (101)">Arabic Mod. Standard</option>

Also add the javascript to the html head element in templates/page.html

<script type="text/javascript" src="$nav-base/resources/keyboard/layouts/ms-Arabic.min.js"/>

Custom keyboards can also be added/created, please see for details.

Default keyboard options:

  • Syriac Phonetic
  • Syriac Standard
  • Arabic Mod. Standard
  • English QWERTY

To remove the keyboard options, you may remove the <keyboard-options> node from the repo-config.xml file.

There are two XQuery functions to add keyboard options to the HTML output.


app:keyboard-select-menu($node as node(), $model as map(*), $input-id as xs:string)

Use this function to add a keyboard select menu to any HTML page or element via the eXist-db templating module.



Use this function to add a keyboard select menu to any XQuery function.