Srophé Application : Documentation


The Srophe application can store and query and export your data as RDF data. To store and query RDF in eXist-db you will need to install the exist-sparql module:

Create and store RDF in eXist-db

Web interface: sparql/update-rdf.html

Runs an XQuery transformation over your TEI data and store it in eXist-db as RDF/XML.

Export RDF:

Using the Srophe API and the content negotiation module (modules/content-negotiation/).

Srophe API endpoint for bulk download: api/data?format=rdf

Edit RDF transformations

RDF transformations are created via an XQuery script stored here: modules/content-negotiation/tei2rdf.xqm This code can be edited to suit your specific RDF needs.

Query RDF with SPARQL

HTML interface: sparql/index.html

SPARQL endpoint: api/sparql

This endpoint accepts SPARQL queries as POST data or GET with the parameter sparql or query and an additional format parameter with the values of json or xml with the default format being xml.