Srophé Application : Documentation

Setting up new collections and submodules found it useful to have submodules with different styling and menu options for the different types of TEI data in the application. To create a collection with a distinct look and navigation you will need to add a few additional files.

  1. Add the collection information to the repo-config.xml

  2. Set up a new template in /templates

    • Copy the page.html and rename it to match your new collection name
    • Add links to a new collection specific CSS stylesheet in the html:head following established pattern in page.html
    • Change menu items in your new collection template under: <nav class="navbar navbar-default">
  3. Add a new directory with the collection name to the application root directory, make sure it matches the name specified in the repo-config.xml file @app-root.

  4. Add collection pages: example index.html, browse.html, search.html and record.html All of these pages must point to the new template you created in step one, so at the top of each page change: <div xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" data-template="templates:surround" data-template-with="templates/page.html" data-template-at="content"> TO <div xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" data-template="templates:surround" data-template-with="templates/YOUR-TEMPLATE-NAME.html" data-template-at="content"> This will wrap your page content with the new page headers and footers in the declared template.

  5. Remember to add the collection variable to your search and browse pages to limit the scope of the search/browse action to the current collection. (See and