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Visualize your data with D3js

Data can be visualized using d3js using either the d3xquery module [/srophe/d3xquery/index.html] or using the SPARQL module [/srophe/sparql/index.html].


This module can be used out of the box on your TEI data. It operates on your tei:relation elements and expects the relationship types to be defined in the @ref attribute. Example: <relation xmlns="" ref="syriaca:EpistolaryReferenceTo" active="" passive=""/>

Visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts and bubble graphs work best on a query over all relationships, where as the Force Graph and Sankey are great for visualizing relationship types.

D3js visualizations demo:


This is experimental code, but could easily be abstracted to use on a record page. Code is fully contained in the /srophe/d3xquery directory and uses XQuery to parse and pass the TEI relationship data to the JavaScript functions. JavaScript is based on the library.

D3js can also be used with the application's SPARQL module. See more here